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M36 Coffee Roasters Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising with M36 Coffee Roasters is SImple... and Profitable

How It Works

  • You will get a sales guide with a QR code to your page on the website and you will distribute it to your team.
  • Your customer will order directly from your page on our website. For every pound sold from your page, you will receive $5 (min 20 sold for a donation to be made), You do not have to collect any money. All orders are directly made to us.
  • Your customers will have the choice to pay for shipping and have their coffee shipped to their homes. This allows for sales all over the country.
  • OR choose local pick up–if you are local, we will gather all your orders and arrange a time for you to pick them up and you will distribute OR if you are not local, we will gather all the orders and ship them to one address for you to organize and distribute.
  • If you need to know what each team member sold, we can have that information gathered for you.
  • We recommend having a specific deadline–2 to 4 weeks–to encourage immediate action. Then distribution can be set for the following week.
  • If you have a specific coffee that you would like included, please ask.
  • Any further questions please email

Before You Begin

  • Have a kick-off event to get the excitement going
  • Set realistic goals for each team member
  • Educate your team about the high-quality product from a small, local company
  • Have incentives, prizes and a plan on how to recognize achievements

Tips for Success

  • Never stop promoting your fundraiser
  • In-person sales get the best results
  • Use social media and email to get a wider audience
  • Always be grateful for any support. You never know when you may need their help again. Ask them also to share the fundraiser on their social media
  • Make sure you reiterate the deadline and when you will deliver their coffee

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