Our Coffee Beans

Organic fairly traded coffees

Why do we roast coffee?

Why do we roast coffee?  Because we love it, just like you do.  The anticipation of that first morning sip, driving to work, walking to class or relaxing on your couch.  You can have an extra jolt in the afternoon to keep up your energy, drink it with your favorite dessert, or have one last evening cup “just because” you like it so much.  Whatever your thing is, happiness is in your hands.  Whatever your reasons, they are good ones.

Espresso Royale Coffee Beans

True to the Bean

The two things that we believe above all else are the quality of the raw coffee beans we purchase and the science behind the ways in which they are processed and brewed.  We have always been committed to creating the highest quality coffees by using responsibly sourced beans from around the world.  We treat our coffee beans with respect for the farmers and communities who grow them.  We peak roast in small batches to bring out the best flavor of the beans.  Where art and science collide, we test and taste every batch for quality.

Once we’ve chosen the perfect bean, we carefully experiment with different temperatures, water pressures and brew cycle lengths to deliver the best cup of coffee we can offer. Whether you are in the mood for an iced latte or a simple hot cup of black coffee, our products have been perfectly designed and blended just for those purposes in not only our café and but also in your home.

Due to safety, we do not take returns or exchanges on coffee beans.